Originally founded in 2007, OnStage Seniors: A Community Project of McCarter Theatre creates documentary theater performances that explore the stories and issues of our community. Our ensemble—all over 55—perform in theaters, libraries, schools, conferences, hospitals, senior centers, and senior communities, generating delight, insight, and affirmation about senior memories and experience. In 2014, Onstage officially became a part of McCarter Theatre Center, joining a host of programs designed to educate and engage the community.  

Irene and Ruth in on OnStage Performance


"OnStage shatters all the myths that people have about aging. Through skits and vignettes—some humorous, some touching—the performers totally engage audiences who sit there enrapt. I do a lot of research and reading about over 55 group endeavors and I’ve never heard of a theatrical group like OnStage. It is unique."

  • Judy Millner, Former Director of Secure@Home, of Greater Mercer  County, New Jersey

"I want to thank the actors of OnStage for a fantastic production of “Not Just Surviving…But Thriving.” Many seniors remarked about the positive attitude you portrayed through the stories and the sense of how the second half of life can be just as rewarding as the first half."

  • Shirley Roberts, Community Health Educator, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, Hamilton, New Jersey

"I could feel the energy of the audience as the wheels turned in their heads as they related to stories delivered with respect, grace, and skill of sensitive performers."

  • Valerie Agular, doctoral student at Princeton University, 2011